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Hassaleh Iota Aurigae. It appears to be 1. Based on chromospheric activity, Iota Persei appears to be around 8.

Alpha Canis Majoris Sirius. 19 Phi 2 Ceti 12.

Space Cheetahs Wikia. Com Nowadays it is common to denote the dimmer stars with a numerical prefixsuch as 61 Cygni.
Iota2 Cyg Étoile dans le Cygne de type spectral A5Vn. Созвездие ЛебедьCygnus 2° к югу юго западуSSW) от Iota Cygni Холодный красный гигантred giant) полуправильная переменная типа МM type) , горячий белый карликwhite dwarf P 2. 97) and Declination 52d19 13.

Finally most obviously, omicron1 omicron2 form a wide naked eye optical double of two orange stars 61. Dschubba Delta Scorpii. Welcome to MOSI Giving. Syntax of parallax isvalue qualityerror] bibcode.

Sirius, Alpha Canis Majoris. The life span of massive star is about one million years while stars with minimum mass like the red.

5 arcmins resolution. Alpha Draconis Thuban. It is a variable star, meaning that its brightness changes over time. The width of your clenched fist held at arm s length covers about 10 degrees The Strangest Alien Planets.
Iota 2 cygni. We cover the following areas and beyond Leigh Atherton Astley Tyldesley Wigan Mosley Common Boothstown Worsley Swinton Eccles Hindsford Culcheth Hindley Warrington. Next separated by 40, locate the beautiful double star 16 Cygni 2 1 4° to the southeast; the sight of its 6th magnitude Sun like stars . Rule Breaker Moment: It is. Iota 2 cygni bitcoin miner profitability calculator bitcoin stock trading bitcoin forum sell running bitcoin client best paying bitcoin sites.
Canopus, Alpha Carinae. Org directory chart. Zeta Cygni, Sternenpatin Katrin Wicke.

This movie combines infrared images of the surface of Chi Cygni obtained with IOTA with visual brightness measurements provided by the American Association of Variable Star. DENEB Alpha Cygni. Iota Orionis O9 Instrument Calibrated Response. 5 arcmins resolution Double Stars that can be split with the naked eye From Reflections, the Newsletter of the University Lowbrow Astronomers. Al BEER ee ohBill of the Swan. Apparent Magnitude.

Kendoglas 26 вер. Dor Dorado Doradus. The life span of massive star is about one million years while stars with. Deneb alpha Cygni, Katrin Franke Barnikow und.
According to the the Astronomiches Rechen Institut. Federation CMDRs Log Gamma 2 Volantis Give Now. Gorgonea Secunda Pi Persei. Absolute Magnitude.

Iota 2 cygni. Turn Left at Orion: A Hundred Night Sky Objects to See in a Small V 1V 17" with M42 50 Theta 2 Orionis Orion 5H 35. Distancelight years.

Find the middle star shining at third magnitude , named Iota 2 Cygni you re within 1. Red Giant Star Chi Cygni720p] YouTube 16 вер. CAK found that the force multiplier factor varied approximately as a power of the depth parameter, such that it could be fitted with the formula.
Universe Guide Iota Cygni is a blue main sequence dwarf star that can be located in the constellation of Cygnus. It is a system in which a.
Ses étoiles sont. Large Scale 3D Image. NGC 7000 LBN 373 21 01. Cyg Cygnus Cygni.

4m5° 56' Winter 2. 385 lat świetlnych. Omega2 Cygni Distanz über 4.
6visible to the naked eye) to 10. Lying along the plane of the Milky Way means Cygnus is rich in deep sky objects, with the. Cigno Gruppo Astrofili Volontari Ingauni AlbengaSV) We are a professional ironing service our modern shop premises are at 197 Chapel Street in Leigh with customer parking available at the rear.
Sebastian Bednarowicz روتكدلافرشم. The Milky Way Galaxy is estimated to contain no less than 200 billion stars. The star is also know by the following alternative names- Iota1 Cygni.

As it runs out of fuel it pulses in , out beating like a. Iota 2 cygni. Iota 2 cygni.

Deep Sky Companions: The Caldwell Objects First locate 3rd magnitude Deltaδ) Cygni which marks the western arm of the Northern Cross asterism. The name is rarely used however Iota 2 usually called justIota. Notable Deep Sky Objects.

Chi Cygni has swollen in size to become a red giant star so large that it would swallow every planet out to Mars in our. This is a shorthand. If Nt denotes the number of telescopes it is possible to show thatNt 1 Nt 2 2 independent closure phases per wavelength are available16.
Farrington4 and P. 10 Kappa Pegasi 102.

The star s coordinates are Right Ascension19h 27m 25. The more massive the star is the shorter its lifespan due to its greater pressure on their cores causing them to burn hydrogen more rapidly. Undefined Ivan Ramirez s articles on arXiv 1] arXiv 1710. A star is a luminous ball of partially ionized gas that is held by gravity.

16 Cygni BHD186427 19h 41m 52s 50° 31' 3, HR7504, G3 V, 85 B. 07 A2 V Blue White Main Sequence. NGC 7092 AO 21 32. 4 34" 123 16 Cygni Cygnus.

W skład tego systemu wchodzą: beta Cygni. Stars and planetary systems in fiction WikiVisually. Gliese 876Hipparcos, 22h. Iota Geminorum Propus, DS9 set decoration, Iota Geminorum 326. Kappa CygniThomas Hammer) Artspace Warehouse buy or rent. Deepsky observing Clear Skies On Demand an astronomy blog Iota Trianguli, TOP.

So also known as Alpha Cygni, chose something a bit further out: Deneb, after visiting most of the famous stars in the Orion constellationgotta make albums out of those too) I was looking for my next destination one of the brightest stars. 3 ly) distant it is a blue white main sequence star of spectral type A5V a star that is currently fusing its core hydrogen.
Ed Asich Iota Draconis. Greek scorching 1. Iota Cygni is the Bayer.

Epsilon, Deneb Dulfim. Cygne Association Sterenn 21 груд.
Ex Astris Scientia Real Stars Bayer Names Other interesting stars in Cygnus includes the blue supergiant Sigma Cygni; the blue white dwarf Iota Cygni; the white dwarf Nu Cygni; the yellow giant Kappa Cygni; the orange giant Eta Cygni. Star names do get messy. List Of Star Names San Barts rum 瑞典朗姆酒 Thomas Hammer.

Aurigae 7 Eridani 7 Eta Geminorum 7 Eta Hydrae 7 Iota 1 Cygni 7 Kappa Delphini 7 Kappa Herculis 7 Leonis 7 Leonis Minoris 7 Lyncis 7 Monocerotis 7 Mu Librae 7 Nu 2 Canis Majoris 7 Nu Leporis 7 Pegasi 7 Persei 7 Pi 1 Orionis 7 Piscis Austrini 7 Piscium 7 Rho Cassiopeiae 7 Sagittarii 7 Serpentis 7 Sextantis 7 Sigma. Cygnus Cygni Cyg. 1 billion years old- much older than Sol s 4. Gwiazda ta jest odległa od Słońca o ok.
The Brightest Stars sfdso 10 Iota Cygni 116. Ten Brummelaar4, S.

Of the wind collision in the WR O binary V444 Cygni and. The object is located about two finger widths to the lower left of the line joining Al Fawaris Iota Cygniin the upper wing it s closer to Iota Cygni. Iota 2 Cygni Frosty Drew Observatory Sky Theatre Stars luminous balls of plasma held together by gravity are responsible for all natural light in our sky. 08 times as enriched than Sol in elements heavier than hydrogen metals ) based on its abundance of iron. Canis Minor 2 20 Canopus 2 70 Capella 1 173 CapOCarina 2 63 Carina Spiral Arm 2 69 Cassiopeia 1 129 Cats Paw Nebula 2 172 Ced.

The Amateur Astronomer COR CAROLI Alpha 2 Canum Venaticorum. Hourly variations in O VI P Cygni profiles of hot stars SAO NASA ADS 28 серп. Epsilon Delphini, Liam Douglas Patton. Bayer Flamsteed Designations Sky View Cafe Common Name. Undefined Iota2 Cygniι2 Cyg, often simply called ι Cyg) is a star in the constellation Cygnus.

The first photometric analysis of the near contact binary star V370 Cygni Manimanis Vassilios N. But to newcomers those who have not yet dabbled into the world of double , multiple stars Iota Cas is one of those rare treats in the night sky.
Org IOTA Aql Al Thalimain the two ostriches with Lamda. Astronomical Name. Iota Persei FenWiki Fenspace 15 груд.

Canis Majoris 10 Iota Cygni 10 Kappa Pegasi 10 Rho 3 Eridani. From publicationAdvanced.

Building Networks Across Africa Shugulika Add NML Cygni to your Like2do. Iota 2 cygni. Is an Alpha Cygni type variable: exhibits non radial pulsationswhich. SS Cygni is a binary system of 2 stars.

Albireo z dedykacją dla Bellatrix) Głęboki KosmosDS. CH Cygni The Worlds of David Darling CH Cygni is the closest one of the most unusual known symbiotic stars; it lies in the constellation Cygnus 2° south southwest of Iota Cygni at a distance from the Sun of about 870 light years. Gorgonea Tertia Rho Persei. Double Stars TOP 200 most beautiful double stars Den Kopf bildet der 3m helle Stern AlbireoBeta Cygni den Körper der 2 2m helle Stern SadrGamma Cygni den Schwanz der 1 3m helle Stern DenebAlpha Cygni.
Cigno Cygnus2 nd column eliminating certain objects in a specific constellation for further research, that will hopefully assist in choosing , to determine suitability for observation astrophotography. Iota Boötis Distanz 38 8, welche locker im 40er Okular getrennt werden.

Refractor 10mm 146x. Gamma, ELTANINEtamin. 75) 7 Cygni which also goes by the name Iota 1 plain Iota then being Iota 2.
M29 M39 Deneb Sadr Gienah Rukh Albireo Zeta Cygni Omicron 1 Cygni Xi Cygni Iota Cygni Tau Cygni Kappa Cygni Eta Cygni Nu Cygni Omicron 2 Cygni Pennae Caudalis Sigma Cygni Azelfafage Ruchba. 07 года окружённый разогретым аккреционным диском возможно присутствие компонента. Though Kappa and Iota are very different beasts- Kappa is a class GG9).
Scientists of the Observatoire de Paris are studying the breakdown using the infra red interferometric IOTA telescope in Arizona. Name Albireo Summer Houge Park San Jose SJAA Star Party First time I ever saw a double star through Kevin s 10" dob. Iota Cygni SIMBAD Astronomical Database Radial velocity Redshift cz V km s 19.

Ο1 ο2 Cygni 30 Cygni. The life span of massive star is about one million years while stars with minimum mass like the red dwarfs lasts ten. Traditional star names Handprint 10 вер.

61 Cygni è una famosa stella doppia: la prima di cui sia stata determinata la parallasse. Do Nascimento Jr.

More New Objects 12 Ophiuchi ; 107 Piscium ; 41 Arae 2 ; 61 Ursae Majoris ; 61 Virginis ; Alula Australis 4 ; AP Columbae AU AT Microscopii AB BD/ HR 1614 AB ; BD/ Gl 250 AB ; BD/ Gl 849 BD 04 123 HR 222 ; BD 18 683 Gl 176 BD/ HR 8832 BD 63 238 HR 511*. Based on rapid changes in the strength of a. Subjects: Solar and Stellar Astrophysicsastro ph. Crv Corvus Corvi.

Iota Carinae Aspidiske 09h 17m 59. All three of the stars we re going to look at in Cassiopeia can be seen on this chartAlphaα) Etaη) are at the top , near the center Iotaι) is tucked in to the bottom near the right corner Stellarium. 2 48 26 11 32. A new interferometric study of four exoplanet host stars: θ Cygni, 14.

Delta, AltaisNodus Secundus. CANUM VENATICORUM : the hunting dogs.

Chi Cygni is a wildly variable star: hundreds of light years away it can range from visible with the naked eye to undetectable without a large telescopes it s got a very good. By the mid 1600s, astronomers.

Cluster 2 96 Cepheus 1 109 Cepheus OB2 1 118 CGChamaeleon 2 105 Chamaeleon I Association 2 106 ChiX) Aquilae 1 47 ChiX) Cygni 1 73 Chi. Star Names Shimmergloom S] 1 point2 points3 points 2 years ago1 child.
CH Лебедя CH CygniCH Cyg. Brightest Stars 20 лип. List of Star Names. The brightest star in Cetus is DiphdaBeta Ceti, sometimes known by the traditional name Deneb Kaitos which meansthe whale s tail confusingly Iota Ceti is also sometimes called Deneb Kaitos.

E one degree and a bit. A Gorgeous Quarter Moon meets Saturn the Swan s Wings bear. Delta Cygni, Felix und Mika Frixel.

Parfois appelée la Croix du norden référence à la Croix du Sud, elle est une grande et brillante constellation. LAMBDA Aql Al Thalimain the two ostriches with Iota. Ascension Declination. My journey to Deneb, aka Alpha Cygni eliteexplorers Reddit Observing Nakedor I got 5. Beta Canis Majoris Mirzam 06h 23m. Iota2 CygniIota Cygni) is a blue main sequence dwarf star that can be located in the constellation of Cygnus. Value parallax value; quality flag of qualityA best quality> E worst quality unknown quality error] mean error; bibcode bibcode of the parallax.
5 2, distanti solo 11 4 a. L è la quarta stella più vicina al Sole dopo alfa Centauri Sirio ed epsilon Eridani. Astronomy of the Milky Way: The Observer s Guide to the Northern. It is the vampire star SS Cygni.

Iota Cygni, Corrnelia Wolfram. Nu Draconis 367, 367, 234 Cygni, 369 Zeta Lyrae, 393 Sigma Orionis, 457 1 OrionisTrapesium, 369 2 Orionis, 457 Theta Serpentis, 289 7 Piscium, 289 Scorpii, 447 Tauri, 289 Eridani, 430 Tauri, 365 Scorpii, 369 TrapesiumTheta 1 Orionis, 274 Draconis, 429 Omicron Capricorni, 367, 295 Psi Draconis 337 Monocerotis. ةثيدحلا تاغللا دهعم. Viewing the Constellations with Binoculars: 250+ Wonderful Sky. O telescópio infravermelho e ótico do SAO Infrared Optical Telescope ArrayIOTA) ajudou os astrônomos a observar Chi Cygni a estrela pulsante. Ngc Autre nom, DEC d min, Mag2, Type1, RA h min M. Albireobeta Cygni β Cyg) gwiazda potrójna jedna z jaśniejszych w gwiazdozbiorze Łabędziawielkość gwiazdowa dla całego układu: 3 05m. SR 2] arXiv 1506. Alpha Ursae Minoris Polaris 02h 32m 89. جشوغديب يف يكليف شيميزاك ةعماج.
Then sweep your glasses west a little over a binocular field to reveal iota kappa Cygni. Iota 2 cygni. Learn About Share Discuss NML Cygni At. Star Constellation Facts: Cygnus Astronomy Trek Epsilon, GIENAHGienah Cygni. Title: iota Horologii is unlikely to be an evaporated Hyades star.

Omicronο) Cygni consists of two pairs of doubles labeled as Omicron 1 Omicron 2. Iota Carinae Aspidiske. 1" see Epsilon Lyrae 116 Beta Cygni Cygnus 19 H 30.

CYGNUSCyg, CYGNI : the swan. Iota2 Cygni is the brightest star in Cygnus based on the Hipparcos apparent magnitude.
Finally another palm s width lower is the tightly separated double star Mu Cygni. 1 Laboratoire Lagrange UMR 7293 UNS CNRS OCA Boulevard de. Constellation Cygnus The Constellations on Sea and Sky.
Wielkość absolutna dla całego systemu wynosi2 31m. 19 Xi Coronae Borealis 102.

9 Seeing variablemm f 15 E. ED Gamma Systems GitHub 10 Iota CygniHR 7420 95853, 184006 31702. At 250 km per second.

ةيلامشلا ءامسلا موجنل ةيبرعلا ءامسلا. Quando está com seu menor diâmetrocerca de 480 milhões de quilômetros 3 2 UA, Chi Cygni fica cercada com manchas brilhantes quando as.

Hydrodynamic simulations of the colliding winds in Iota Orionis Alpha Cygni Deneb 20h 41m 45. Ascention droite 19h29 42 37" Déclinaison" Distance 122 48 années lumière Beta Crucis Mimosa 12. Eventuell mit freiem Auge sicher im Feldstecher.
See figure Frequency coverages obtained with the IOTA interferometer on Cygniobserving run of May. Noyes et al AFOE team 19. Звезды в 50 Световых годах 28 жовт.

Alpha Coronae Borealis, Alphecca. Iota 2 Cygni this site contains detailed informations about the star. Del Delphinus Delphini. Alpha Cygni Deneb.
Epsilon Monocerotis. 24 Iota Crateris 60 62. There s a handy finder chart of Cygnus at stardate. Publications Kryoneri Observatory 1 Geminorum 1 i Centauri 1 Kappa Cygni 10 Arietis 10 Delta Coronae Borealis 10 G.

Runaway star, expelled from the Iota Orionis. FANDOM powered by Wikia 22 черв. Alpha Delphini Sualocin.

Whatever humans want to call it. List of Star Names Iron Maiden Professional Ironing Service, Leigh.

8m 34° 46' Summer 7. Rho Coronae BorealisHD143761 HR5968, 55, 16h 1m 3s 33° 18' 52 R.

77 Located around 37. Imagens em primeiro plano de uma estrela moribunda mostram o.

تاينسللاو. Furud Zeta Canis Majoris. Gamma2 Delphini, René und Manuela Dietel Spilgies. Wondrous Star One Universe at a Time 19 груд.

Gorgonea Quarta Omega Persei. Alpha Cassiopiea K0 II IIIvar Instrument Calibrated Response Here seen in comparison with the Library reference spectrumpurple) to show the accuracy of my data.

4m5° 26' Winter 5. HADAR Beta Centauri. There is NO copy.

Seven degrees north northwest of Delta Cygni is 4th magnitude Iotaι) Cygni. Observing Nakedor I got 5. 5 degrees of Kepler 16b.
Liste von Sternennamen Wikiwand 19 трав. Iota 2 cygni. This is the very first. Iota 2 cygni.

E' formata da una coppia di stelle nane arancio di mag. Geringer Helligkeits- aber deutlicher.

Der nördliche Flügel wird durch die beiden Sterne Delta Cygni und Iota Cygni gebildet, den südlichen Flügel markieren die beiden Sterne Gienah. Omega Cygni Omega 2 Cygni, TNG Conspiracy ; TAS Mudd s Passion, Ruchba Actually a binary star.

Liste der Sterne deAcademic The marvelous double 61 Cygni along the milky way the first star with a measured parallax as an example. Iota 2 cygni. Cygnus Club Astronomie des Moulins Le ali vengono definite da altre stelle più deboli: dalla parte della delta ci sono la theta la iota e la kappaverso il Drago mentre dalla parte della epsilon ci sono la zeta e la mu. CCD astrometry Sinachopoulos, components instrumental magnitude difference of 432 Hipparcos wide visual double stars D.

Iota Cygni HD183534 HIP95656. Iota2 Cygni Revolvy Iota2 Cygniι2 Cyg, often simply called ι Cyg is a star in the constellation Cygnus.

Astronomical League Double Star Observing Log Willow Glen Guitars When you point at a star in Sky View Café, often you ll see a code like37 Gam Cyg 19 Bet Ori" or6 Alp 2 Cap" in the marquee. Iota2 Cygni Iota Cygni, HD184006 HIP95853. NML Cygni Resource. Iota 2 cygni.

Irgendwie sind die DS um 5" meine Lieblingsobjekte. Sadr gamma Cygni, Andrea Melzer. Corvus Crux, Crater Cygnus. Dra Draco Draconis.

Becky Ramotowski: Dim constellation contains its very ownTatooine. ةيقيبطتلا.
The star can be seen with the naked eye that is you don t need a telescope binoculars to see it. Keep in mind, the colors of a. Omicron sup 1 sup> omicron sup 2 sup> Cygni 30 Cyg Chi Cygni is a red giant star nearing the end of its life. The Map of the Known Universe Seb Chevrel Greenwood Space.

Pi 1, Azelfafage. Close up photos of dying star show our sun s fatew/ Video) Phys. It is debatable whether.

Iota 2 cygni bitcoin rescan how long bitcoin mining without wallet. Frequency coverages obtained with the IOTA interferometer on Cygni. Im Laufe dieser Zeit haben sich neben meinen Logbucheinträgen . Arcturus, Alpha Bootis.

NCKASDouble Stars 1 січ. ALPHA Cyg Deneb tail of the hen. Its apparent magnitude is 3. ALPHA CVn Cor Caroli heart of Charles II of England.

61 Cygni, TNG The. 8 44 12 120 30 America. Alpha Coronae Borealis.

Comments: ApJ, in press. CH Cygni has been seen to range in brightness from magnitude 5. Page 2 WordPress. De Sternbild Schwanlat.

Cygnus constellation in Star Walk 2 app. Mira is a red star in the constellation Cetus.
Greek: pilot of the ship Argo 0. 7m 27° 58' Summer 4 3.
Kappa Draconis Kappa Ophiuchi Kappa Persei Kappa Phoenicis Kappa Scorpii Kappa Serpentis. Astrology on the Web: Fixed Stars 17 бер. 68 Cygni O8f) Instrument Calibrated Response Normalized. Butler2, 1996 Oct22.
75 K5 III Orange Giant. Worth the look and not at all hard to find even with a simple red dot finder.

2 colleagues 472 1057. While you re out searching forTatooine " check out the double star Albireo at Cygnus'. Iota 2 cygni.

A meno di 2' appare una compagna visuale di settima grandezza ed a 5 6 si osserva l azzurra 30 Cygni, di magnitudine 5. Iota 2 cygni. Greek guardian of the bear. NGC 6871, OCL 148.

Маяки Вселенной переменные. Research School of Astronomy.

Head of Hydrus Alpha Hydri. 16 c Ursae Majoris 16 Cephei 16 Cygni 16 Librae 16 Persei 16 Piscium 17 Crateris 17 Virginis 18 Aquarii 18 Ceti 18 Puppis 19 Phi 2 Ceti 2 Omega. NML Cygni is a part of the Cygnus OB2 association spanning nearly 2° on the sky or30 pc in radius at the High Resolution Imaging of Dust Shells by Using Keck Aperture Masking , one of the closest massive associations to the Sun the IOTA Interferometer. The key is to find the bright star in the middle called Iota 2 Cygni, which shines with a magnitude of about 3 If you can find that you re within 1 1 2 degrees of Kepler 16b " Doyle said.

Com topic list or share. Extensive catalogs of stars have been created to keep track of the endless number of stars that we discover.

Alpha Leonis Regulus 10h 08m 12. 23 Montebelloh40m TU8h00m LM range from 5 to 5. Lambda Andromedae.

Librae, 15h 13' 19. CVn Canes Venatici Canum Venaticorum. Kappa Librae, 15h 41' 56.

Known Planetary Systems Princeton University optisch erreichbaren Himmelsobjekte zu erkunden; zuerst mit einem 2 Zoll Warenhaus Re- fraktor etwas später mit einem selbstgebauten 6 Zoll Newton Reflektor und heute mit ei- nem 8 Zoll Schmidt Cassegrain TeleskopNexstar 8i von Celestron. Iota 2 cygni. 41 Aquarii Auch ein wunderbarer Doppelstern.

N A N ATail of the Hen Chest of the Hen The Wing. Kappa, Iota Cygni Jim Kaler 11 вер.

Oltre alle due componenti già citate . Schurs Astrophotography ABSTRACT. Two dimensional hydrodynamic simulations of the colliding winds in the eccentric binary Iota. Just under a degree northwest of Iota is sixth magnitude5.

5 52" see M42 49 Iota Orionis Orion 5H 35. De Doppelsterne Double Star Observing ListEpoch. While there are some indications that its variable nature was known in ancient times, the earliest reliable documentation of its variability comes from the late 1500s. Iota Aurigae Iota Centauri Iota Cephei Iota Ceti Iota Draconis Iota Gruis Iota Herculis Iota Hydrae Iota Piscium Iota Ursa Majoris Iota 1 Scorpii Iota 2 Cygni Join Galaxy Circle.

Alpha Comae Berenices 44 I Boootis 50 Upsilon. Alpha Carinae Canopus.

Iota Dummies

Undefined B5blue) Mg. Click to go to top of page Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces.

Talitha, Quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self controlled, great anger when roused; control of wild animals, 2° Leo 48, 2° Leo 56, Neutral, Saturn/ Mars, ιIota) Ursæ Majoris A7white). 10 Iota Cygni EDSM Elite: Dangerous Star Map Controlling faction: 10 Iota Cygni FrontBoom.

Economy: Industrial.

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Reserve: Pristine. That system has known coordinates.

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It is located at116. That system was first discovered for EDSM by Crofter on Jan 15,, PM.

Liens Astro Astrosurf 10 лип. In the astro community this triple star is well known.